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Baracoa Bengal cattery's bengal kittens are born at home and are socialised since very young. At our home, where the Baracoa Bengal cattery is located, live younger and older children that, when the kittens are a bit grown up, play often with them. This way the kittens get used to socialize with humans and the noises of a home.

We usually have several litters of pedigreed bengal kittens available along the year. The most frequent color and pattern is the brown spotted tabby (leopard markings), but from time to time we have kittens with the marbled pattern and also of snow colour. There is more information about colours and patterns in the breed and colours and patterns pages.

Our bengal kittens are dewormed, vaccinated and thoroughly examined by our veterinarian, and they go to their new homes with microchip and European pet passport. For health and socialising reasons they have to remain with their mother and siblings until they are twelve weeks of age. There is more information in the age of delivery page.

Health and character are, along with beauty, the three goals of our breeding program. We work for health by selecting the bengal cats we use for breeding for their health and that of their ancestors, making the necessary tests and controls. Also by keeping the adult cats correctly vaccinated, and the adequate conditions of cleanliness and hygiene, keeping the cats in small groups, the kittens separate from adults (except their mother), litters separate one another, etc.

We work for character, on one side selecting for breeding the cats that have good character, since temperament is partly hereditary. On the other hand, it is necessary to socialize well the kittens with humans, having daily interaction with them, and also that the kittens socialize well with their mother and siblings staying with them until the age of twelve weeks.

When you choose the bengal cats to the betterment of the breed you cannot overlook any of these three esential aspects.

All our bengal kittens have their pedigree, the document that proves their breed and ancestry.



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